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Seamless Technology, Aesthetic Consideration

About This Project

Creative Audio-Visual Solutions are a dedicated Church audio and visual supplier working throughout the UK.

CAVS were recently commissioned to install a new audio and visual system into Holy Trinity Church, Northwood – bringing discreet projection, live streaming and audio into a traditional Church setting.  The brief was to ensure that that all new equipment fitted seamlessly into the environment whilst providing the latest technologies for full range Worship and advanced multimedia display.

The visual system consists of 3 discreet winched projection screens which hide behind away (behind the main chancel arch) and to the ceiling/casings for the side aisles) when not in use. These utilise Epson 8K and 5K lumen laser projectors for the highest image quality across all sources from words to pictures and video. In addition, laser lamp-less technology ensure reduced maintenance over the life of the projectors whilst markedly raising the overall reliability of the system).  Three motorised, high-definition PTZ cameras (PTZoptics) were installed primarily for flexible streaming of all areas of the Church as well as showing close-ups on the screens when required.

A Roland V8-HD production mixer was specified to provide a single, tactile control system for both the in house projection system and online streaming feed – allowing for full independent control over both outputs along with useful features such as keying (overlay of words over images) and multiple picture-in-picture inserts – allowing multiple images to be shown on one screen. A multi-view display allows all sources (cameras and computer inputs) to be reviewed and cued before committing them to the output.

The audio system was designed to provide true full range capability (for the live worship band and playback of music and video) whilst ensuring the discreet placement of speakers within the building. Multiple JBL Control series speakers, via matched amplification and advanced speaker processing – provide seamless coverage from front to back (speaker delay) in stereo to maximise clarity and intelligibility for music and video which is reduced within a mono speaker system.

The brief also required a simple to use audio mixing interface but with the capability to control multiple mixes (musicians, streaming, recording and live audio). A fully-fledged digital mixer was deemed to be overly complex so the Allen & heath AHM-64 matrix mixer was specified with dual IP8 fader controllers. Via both tactile and wireless iPAD control – full control over all parameters of the audio system are accessible but without the intimidating knobs and buttons found on more complex mixers.

New radio microphones were installed along with audio playback (including Bluetooth connectivity) and recording systems. Cloud-managed Wi-Fi and networking provides secure access and control of the audio-visual system whilst allowing CAVS to fully manage the system remotely for the highest ongoing support to the Church.

Finally, the system equipment was installed within a bespoke console – providing a tactile operating desk for up to three operators. Fully lockable from security and growth space for further system development.

For an onsite installation consultation or for advice on the right equipment for your Church, call or email CAVS. Local references are available upon request.

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