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Onsite Consultation

About This Project

From initial contact to finished project, Creative Audio-Visual Solutions endeavour to provide the most personable approach to providing your ideal system. This begins with a visit to your organisation to discuss your requirements and our services in more detail. We can then return to you with a detailed proposal that we are confident will fulfil your needs and expectations.

Generally we don’t charge for onsite consultations but may request a non-compulsory contribution towards travelling expenses depending on your distance from us and the type of project involved. At the end of the day, we really want to meet you for the opportunity to offer our services to you – we don’t charge because we’re confident that we can provide both a cost-effective and highly flexible system.

Our relationship starts with a call or email so please do pick up the phone or keyboard with your requirements – however big or small we will provide our utmost attention to you. We also have online chat if that’s easier – the icon should be in the right hand corner. We look forward to hearing from you.

To arrange a visit or to begin the conversation with us, please call or email