Live Streaming

Live Streaming, especially during the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, is a vital means for Churches to keep communicating to their congregation and the wider world.

Even when the lockdown is eased and Churches open their doors again, many Church regulars may still not be able to attend services. This is where a simple-to-use, reliable and high-quality online streaming system will allow your Church to be ever present in these times when fellowship and togetherness are perhaps more important than ever. Creative offer a complete IT and networking solution for the modern office. Utilising the latest wired and wireless technologies, our systems are designed to increase your organisation's growth and productivity when storing information, printing and communicating with the outside world.

Hardware Based or Software Route?

CAVS can advise and design the ideal system for your Church – from a single fixed camera to a multi-camera broadcasting set-up. A camera system can also provide the added benefit, when being linked to your installed projection or display system, to show activities for those with limited view on the ‘big screen’ - such as baptisms and children’s activities.

One route may be to utilise Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and benefit from the ability to inject content from a computer, such as pre-recorded videos and guest presenters, or a hardware based option eliminates the need for a skilled operator, with a more simpler and reliable setup.

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

We can install Enterprise-Class Networking, for a fraction of the cost.

This can be adjusted to suit various different scenarios - for example if you want to restrict bandwidth available to the public, or even prevent Wi-Fi access during your services, both of which will ensure that the network resources are dedicated to your live stream, ensuring a problem-free service.

Many Churches are already benefitting from this type of system from CAVS – ensure your Church is present for your congregation in these difficult times. Consultations are still possible online or onsite where social distancing can be maintained. Please don’t hesitate to call or email with an enquiry.

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